Episode Six…. Unscripted.

Well unscripted may sound cool but I’m not going to lie to you the first few minutes of this episode are rough but we get in to our normal flow and pull together a solid podcast. This time around we discuss:

  • Us stumble through the first 5 minutes
  • Where to find (if you’re lucky) KBS….and possibly Black Note
  • Some new seasonal Ohio beer releases
  • Upcoming Beerfest and Events (Like Craft Beer And a Movie)
  • Hear not 1 but 2 live beergasms
  • Our latest semi-beercation’s
  • A blind taste test for the battle of Cincy IPA

Here’s a pic of the beers consumed during the podcast (we didn’t talk about Clown Shoes  Ohio Unidragon but if you can get your hands on some do so!) and the links of some of the things we talked about. As always if you have any questions or comments hit me up at HaleOhioBeer@gmail.com or on twitter at @HaleOhioBeer.




Episode 5

Hey boys and girls here is the 5th installment of Ohio Beer the Podcast. Its coming at ya a week late so we apologize but you know what they say “better late than never”! Before we get into the podcast details there is one thing we forgot to mention on this episode so listen up I need all you craft beer lovers to head over to ohiocraftbeer.com <—- Click This Link. This website will find you local representative and write an email for you to send them stating that you want them to support the bump to %21 abv cap! What are you waiting for???

Now as far as the podcast goes we touch on new brewery’s coming to/opening in Ohio, new Ohio beer releases and also brewery expansions. Find out what our most embarrassing craft beer moments were, upcoming event, our top 5 Columbus beer, HaleOhioBeer’s Beercation to Finger Lakes NY and which version of Urban Cowboys we like better.

Things we drank durning the podcast:


Here are the cans we spoke of:

IMG_8729 IMG_0667 IMG_0666As always you can hit me up with and questions or comments at haleohiobeer@gmail.com or on twitter @haleohiobeer

Episode 4

We know you could barely wait to get your hands on it, so here it is episode 4! This episode we are joined by one of other Ohio-Beer.com contributor @MattOhioBeer . We all made it to the Jackie O’s bottle release so we discuss that plus a full slate of beer news from all around Ohio. We also have all of your favorite segments : D/C/S, Top 5 and Best Beer in Your Mouth Lately. As always feel free to hit me up with question/comment at haleohiobeer@gmail.com. Below are the links to everything we talked about on the show. Also trying something new this week, here is a picture of beers consumed while we recorded and a picture of Matt and Bub trying Miller Fortune.

photo 3

photo 1MattOhioBeer and The Podcast mascot

photo 2BubOhioBeer wetting his whistle with Miller Fortune which he gave a negative 5 rating.

PigSkin Brewing not Happening
Winter Warmer Fest
IPA Bracket 2014
IIPA Bracket 2014

Episode 3

Presenting the 3rd installment of Ohio Beer The Podcast. As always we touch on beer news around Ohio and touch on our road trip to Upland Brewing. Also the top 5 bottle shops in Columbus according to us! Hope you enjoy it and as always if you have any questions/comments/suggestions you leave them in the comment section below or hit me up at haleohiobeer@gmail.com or on twitter @haleohiobeer. Here are the links we were talking about on this episode.

Flat 12 Bierworks
Upland Brewing
Kahns Fine Wines & Spirits
Crown Liquors

Ohio Beer the Podcast Episode 2

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 5.40.54 PM


So I know we said every other week for the podcast but we were giddy this week after Hullabaloo and some other exciting news concerning the Ohio beer scene. Also we pick the winner of the bottle we promised last week! As always please feel free to send comments and/or suggestions to our email accounts at HaleOhioBeer@gmail.com, BubOhioBeer@gmail.com or hit us up on twitter @HaleOhioBeer or @BubOhioBeer.


I promised some links on this episode so here ya go:

Jackie Os Bottle Release

Cleveland Winter Warmer Fest

Cleveland Beer Bus

RateBeer Best

Beer Drones

BA Miller Lite


The First (of Many) Ohio Beer Podcast.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 5.40.54 PMSo we decided to do something new here at Ohio-Beer, instead of just posts about beer/event reviews and the occasional beer news we have to decided to bring you a podcast.  While we may do the occasional beer review on the show the plan is to focus on the happenings around Ohio in the craft scene. We’ll talk about upcoming events (and review them if we go), new breweries coming to Ohio, New releases from Ohio Breweries (and if we go to the brewery we’ll give you our thoughts on it). There will also be some segments centering on the best beers we’ve had lately , a drink game called “Drink, Cellar, Spill” (which we borrowed from our friends United We Drink a podcast you should check out if you haven’t). We’re going to try and get a new episode out at least every other week  (we have multiple contributors to the blog this shouldn’t be a problem) and plan on each episode to last about an hour.

Hopefully you all will enjoy this but as a bribe to at least get you to listen I will be giving away a bottle of an Ohio brewery only release beer. You’ll have to tune in for the detail and the winner will be announced on the second episode.

If you have any comments or question feel free to hit me up at haleohiobeer@gmail.com, on twitter or leave a comment below.


Ginger Rant: Ohio’s ABV law

coollogo_com-216711695 (1)

For those who have not already heard, the Ohio ABV bill has been reintroduced. Ohio Rep Dan Ramos of the donkey party has proposed legislation that would take the ABV cap from 12 up to 21% on beer.  Here is his reasoning, “With other higher-proof options already available on Ohio’s store shelves, often at a cheaper cost to the consumer, this archaic government regulation just doesn’t make sense,” Ramos said. “It needlessly holds back Ohio brewers from having the freedom to experiment with new products, a restriction not faced by brewers in neighboring states.” I know, I know, I was thinking “holy shit what a rational thought from a Govt official” too.

Now I am going to rage a bit on just how ridiculous this bill is since Danny kept it so PC. Though I appreciate the proposed 21% ABV limit, the reality of the situation is that we do not need a cap at all. As Danno points out, I can walk into a bar and order 151 until I am pass out, barf faced, makeout bandit, leg humping hammered. I can buy everclear at my local giant eagle as long as sign a legal document promising it is not for consumption…….. yeah, I know. So why does everyone want to pick on beer?

Because Budweiser. Central Ohio’s producer of chemical laced, rice packed, beer substitute has tried to keep the cap as low as possible to force out competitors. Up until 2002 the ABV cap was 6%. That is not even enough ABV to produce your standard IPA and you can definitely rule out anything imperial. Maybe you want to live in a world where your choices are limited to lagers and bocks, but I sure don’t.

Some of you may be reading this and thinking well that is just good business by Budweiser, but really it is the equivalent of SPAM taking over the meat market and trying to outlaw steak. Bud and Miller barely qualify as beer. Take this into consideration; Rockmill brewery in Lancaster brews Belgian beers because the water profile of the well on their farm land matches the water profile of Wallonia, Belgium. Rockmill brews are full of flavor and are carefully crafted.  Bud filters Columbus city water completely pure so that you can’t taste anything and then packs your “beer” full of things that don’t belong in beer. Sure, you can say I am comparing Belgian style beers to Lagers, but I am pretty sure German purity laws would dictate that Bud brewers be tarred and feathered and maybe even forced to give David Hasselhoff a footrub……while KITT watches.

I am so sick of hearing macro drinkers refer to craft beer as that “fancy, weird, expensive stuff”. Would you say that comparing a Big Mac to a Thurman burger? You wouldn’t if you are a sane person. You get what you pay for. You can have a foreign owned, mass produced, chemically altered beer or you can SUPPORT SMALL/LOCAL BUSINESS and drink a hand crafted beer spawned from natural ingredients. You have been conditioned to think macro beer is American beer, but I think you are smarter than that.  Next time you are out on the town, order a pint of something brewed here in the Heart of it All and tell Bud to get its sausage fingers out of our congressman’s pockets.

Let’s get drunk and rally on the statehouse steps, or just get drunk, whatever.


Logo via: http://www.flamingtext.com/

Beer Review: New Belgium + Red Rock Lips of Faith: Paardebloem

photo (4)

Beer Name: Paardebloem
Brewery: New  Belgium and Red Rock Collab
Beer Style: I am just gonna say unique. It is a target hops belgian pale on dandelions. Not sure that is an actual style.
ABV: 9%
Bottle Size: 22oz
Beer Advocate: 81*

So as we touched on earlier in the week, Ohio has been graced by the presence of New Belgium. While as I am as excited as the rest of you knuckle draggers to have Fat Tire as an option at the pub, I am mostly excited about the Lips of Faith series. I would be pretty excited about shift, but we don’t get that yet and it makes my ginger heart hurt.

I have cruised through quite a few of the lips of faith series. Most of them are under $10 a bomber and not too difficult to hunt down when traveling. This makes them the perfect beer for doubling up and sticking one in the cellar (not all LOF styles should be cellar’d but most can be). While I do not always love the beer, I will say that is is always interesting.

So this is a Belgian style pale with grains of paradise and dandelion greens. It pours a nice golden yellow and looks like a saison or a BPA. It has a nice sweet fruit smell along with some barnyard. I was fairly sure I was going to enjoy this when I smelled it. The initial drink tastes like a lightly hopped Belgian pale. Its nice and light with a big hit of Belgian yeast fruit flavor. The after taste is where this beer really shines. The dandelion greens deliver a bitter that is hard to describe. There is just a bit of sour/funk taste to go along with the bitter and maybe just a hit of oak, though I do not think it is barrel aged? Maybe I am crazy, but it’s my mouth so you can’t tell me what to taste! The flavors work really well together and create a pretty refreshing beer with light carbonation that really masks the 8% ABV.

Sessionability: at 8% it is sneaky. Would be okay to kill the bomber on a nice day. 2-Pack
Overall: This beer is super refreshing and gets bonus points for creativity. 5-Pack
Would Be Best Consumed: With some cheese. Ask Matt about cheese, I don’t know shit about cheese. This would also be  perfect for the patio on a warm spring day.

*Note from Bub: I think people might steer clear of this bc of the 81 rating on BA. 81 usually means not too flattering. While this beer is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, if you like funky stuff this will be in your wheelhouse. BA also has it listed as a BSPA, so if you are comparing it to Raging Bitch, Orval or Ommegang you aren’t really giving it a fair shake. At $9 this beer is a steal and not too pricey if you decide it is not for you.

Event Review: Jackie O’s Anniversary Party/Amazing Annoucnement/ Bonus Mandala Columbus Review

photo (3)

If you follow me on twitter or are a regular blog reader you know that I have a deep love affair with Jackie O’s Brewery in Athens Ohio. I think the Jackie’s is the best brewery in Ohio by a pretty large margin. Beer Advocate and national blogs may not recognize Jackie O’s for just how special they are, but that is largely due to the fact that you are not able to find their bombers on store shelves. They started canning this year, which was a huge step for them, but the specialty barrel aged magic they bottle is currently available in only one place, a bottle release.

The anniversary party is basically run the same as any Jackie O’s bottle release, but with a bit more pageantry and applause. They tap a ton of their own beers Friday and hand out calendar days (tickets for purchase) Friday night. In order to make sure we got some of the stellar beers available we got to town on Friday. The “opulence” on peaches and sour apple sour “farewell my friends” stole the show and everyone was in good spirits awaiting the day drunk onslaught of awesome that was the Saturday bottle release.

We rolled out of bed early enough to make it to the brewery by 9 for opening despite a bathroom accident that resulted in a chipped toilet. Don’t ask. We stood outside for about 20 minutes. In order to build full tables and keep the amazing servers from cutting a fool, they slowly let people in. This may seem like a pain, but it actually works really well and kind of puts the tables on different schedules so that servers can magically appear just as you need a beer. The breakfast is amazing. Order the breakfast pizza AND sausage gravy. Trust me, you will need the base in order to survive the day. They allow for 8 three oz samples at a time and they range in price from $1.50 to $3.00. This is the way to go because you want to try all of the amazing beers. The best beer of day two for me was Dark Apparition imperial stout that was on cherries and chocolate. It tasted like a box of Chocolates that would have made Forrest Gump ROCK HARD. The only real negative on the day was the brutal bottle allotment. All of the beers that I wanted multiples of were single bottle limits. While I complain about this, it is also a very cool thing because they do allotments based on attendance and this party pushed the bottle limits over the edge. Single bottles also mean that I will refuse to open them without friends around which is also extremely cool. We had our bottles by about 2 P.M. which is much later than past events, but was okay because we got to try pretty much every beer on tap. We even bought a 2011 bottle of 3Font Kriek for the table which resulted in me having a sour cherrygasm right at the table.


Remember when I said that bombers were only available at bottle releases? Well in addition to Hop Ryot cans being released in 2014, they announced that bombers of Dark Apparition and Oil of Aphrodite will be on store shelves in 2014! If you haven’t passed out from that news you may want to sit down. They will also be releasing barrel aged bottles in 3-packs similar to the way that Rockmill and Brothers Drake do their gift sets. Yeah, that means some of the best sours brewed are finally going to be on store shelves.

Mandala Columbus

I usually review things that are kind of hard to come by. Multiple people have pointed out to me that this is kind of a dick move. While I generally enjoy being kind of a dick, it’s a good point so I decided to a quick write up of a beer that was at the release, but also currently available around Columbus.

Mandala is one of Jackie’s fantastic double IPAs. The particular version under the drunkroscope tonight is a single hop IIPA brewed only using only Columbus hops. The beer pours a dark orange from the tap (it’s only available in kegs) with a small white head. This beer smells like I imagine/hope Anna Kendrick smells, lovely, hoppy, sweet and grapefruity. Tiny biting carbonation delivers a nice punch of columbus hop flavors. As with pretty much all american style IPAs the malt is nowhere to be found and nobody really gives a shit because the floral and grapefruit flavors assault the pallet with bitter sweetness. The beer finishes with a nice pine bite that dries the mouth and demands a follow up sip. Repeat until the beer is gone, then order another.

Sessionability: I drank 5 pints the other night, so 6 pack if you own daddypants 
Overall:It is a 6-pack, you will not find many better 2x IPA out there
Would Be Best Consumed: It was good with an Italian sub, so, uh, do that.

New Belgium Ohio Launch



I’ve worked in a bar for about 8 years and one of the most common questions I get are “Do you guys have Fat Tire” and when I respond no its not available in Ohio the next question is “When will it be?”. Finally I have an answer, New Belgium’s official launch in Ohio is today! Along with their staples Fat Tire and Ranger New Belgium is also rolling out some of their Lips Of Faith series (which in my opinion is the best part about them coming to Ohio) which include Cigar City Collaboration Ale, Paardebloem and Heavenly Feijoa Tripel. I encourage you to check these beers out if you’ve never had anything from New Belgium before, I promise you will not be disappointed.