Last Podcast…..of 2014

Well its been close to 2 months since the last podcast so we figured we’d get the gang together for one more circle jerk…….er unscripted show before the year was over. We also figured we’d do another give away, through out the show we pulled out random cards from a deck of cards against humanity and casually (not really) read them. If you can correctly tell us how many card were read we’ll give you some BAPt5. There will be 2 winners and each will get 2 bottles, all you have to do is email me the answer at and the first 2 that are correct win. Intern Jason and Bub also share with us the shenanigans that were the 4 elf party and the Jackie O’s anniversary party. Overall the show is kinda scatterbrained but we managed to sneak some useful info into it. We hope you all have a solid NYE and we’ll see you next year!IMG_3164

Episode 14. The King Of Ohio IP………………

Well today we were supposed to record the King Of Ohio IPA put on by Rick Armon , Pats Pints and a few other bloggers but as luck would have it we stayed at Wolf Ridge brewing a little to long and weren’t able to meet up. No worries we were still able to put a solid podcast together for your listening pleasure. James joined us again this episode to pair some whiskey and beer, Bub also introduces a new segment that may become a staple. Since we couldn’t partake in the IPA thing we put together out own top 5 and make James blind taste some locals next to Heady Topper. Enjoy.SubstandardFullSizeRender

Episode 13 The ADHD edition

So its been awhile since we got together to do a podcast but we finally made some time and tried to cover a lot of ground while home brewing and introducing a new (hopefully a regular) co-host James and his beer and whiskey pairing segment ( it was actually eye opening). We do take a small pause in the middle to attend to the home brew so be mindful of that and during that process we decided to try some of the hop extract in a syringe…..not a good idea. we touch on a few up coming events and Ohio beer new so check it out and as always feel free to contact me with any comments or questions on twitter at @haleohiobeer

IMG_2531 IMG_2530 IMG_2529 IMG_2532

Episode 12. The Real top 10 Ohio Breweries.

Welcome back for another installment of the podcast, the Pre-Summer Session addition. Once again Bub is absent but have no fear Jason is back again for another go around with Nick and Matt. We recorded this right before we headed to the Grandview Craft Beer Alliance’s Summer Session and if you didn’t make it down you definitely missed out. Its a shorter episode this week to make up for the hour and half one we dropped on ya last time. Only had a few things to talk about on the news from but there was a Top 10 Ohio breweries list we took issue w/ ( and not just bc they stole our photos off this blog) so we wanted to do a little correction so let us know what you think by voting in the poll below.

Also we Finalized the survivor league so if you want in listen for details and then email me


Beers Consumed this Episode:



Ep. 11 The Beer Camp Summer Session

Hey there welcome back, We’re actually on schedule this week! We had a full round table this time around, Doug Oldham THE O.G. of the Grandview Craft Beer Alliance joins us to discuss all things Ohio beer and this years Summer Session (the yin to Hullabaloo’s yang). Long time friend and listener Jason also joined to replace Matt (who un-retired moments before the episode). We decided with this many people around the mic it would be a good idea to drink our way through the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp twelve pack.sierra-nevada-beer-camp-across-america-banner

We have also decided how to set up our Ohio Beer Survivor League so be sure to listen carefully for that and because Bub is giving away a ticket to this years summer session!

As always feel free to leave comments or hit me up on twitter

Almost forgot our new logo (we got a cease and desist from some shit bags up north):



Episode 10 “THE RETURN”

Sorry for the hiatus life has been nuts lately but HaleOhioBeer and MattOhioBeer with an episode fresh out the kitchen!

We touch on the Stone to Columbus movement, recent beer-cations and as always Ohio Beer news.


Here are some pics from HaleOhioBeer’s Cali trip:

This is Billco’s Billiard & Darts¬†easily the best craft spot in Napa.


The Lost Abby Angel Share at Billcos

IMG_1535 IMG_1540

Episode 9 Post Real Ale Fest

So we were on the ball last episode coming at ya a week early but alas were a week behind this round. As they say good things come to those that wait and not only do we have a full recap of Barleys Real Ale Fest but it is also the podcast debut of two (non) Ohio Beer contributors, Sam and Chris! If you have any questions or comments feel free to email at or at @haleohiobeer on twitter. Enjoy.IMG_9745

Episode 8 – We’re Actually Early!

Here ya go boys and girls, hot off the press (Bubs Apartment) is Episode 8. All 3 of us had some free time today (Saturday) so we decided to get together and do a little KBS 2010-2014 vertical and podcast. Lots of Ohio beer news hope you enjoy the show! As always you can email me at with any comments or questions.



Upcoming Ohio Beer Labels:


Episode 7 w/ Guest Co-Host Hoof Hearted

Well look at that we actually have a new podcast for thats right on schedule! We were super pumped to record this week not only because we had a mini CCB bottle share but we also had a guest Co-Host, master of the dark and dank Trevor Williams of Hoof Hearted Brewing. We touch on a multitude of subject from Ohio Beer news to my adventure to DLD, we squeezed our normal episode in to 30 mins so we could spend the 2nd half talking to Trevor about his brewery (we also pull a Drink/Cellar/Spill on him). Hope you enjoy this episode as always here is a picture of the beers we consumed during recording and some links talked about on the show. As always feel free to contact me at or @HaleOhioBeer.

Beer Consumed this Episode:
IMG_0922.JPGNew Pigskin Spot:
Upland Sour Fest
Craft Draft Brew Fest

Episode Six…. Unscripted.

Well unscripted may sound cool but I’m not going to lie to you the first few minutes of this episode are rough but we get in to our normal flow and pull together a solid podcast. This time around we discuss:

  • Us stumble through the first 5 minutes
  • Where to find (if you’re lucky) KBS….and possibly Black Note
  • Some new seasonal Ohio beer releases
  • Upcoming Beerfest and Events (Like Craft Beer And a Movie)
  • Hear not 1 but 2 live beergasms
  • Our latest semi-beercation’s
  • A blind taste test for the battle of Cincy IPA

Here’s a pic of the beers consumed during the podcast (we didn’t talk about Clown Shoes ¬†Ohio Unidragon but if you can get your hands on some do so!) and the links of some of the things we talked about. As always if you have any questions or comments hit me up at or on twitter at @HaleOhioBeer.