Episode 10 “THE RETURN”

Sorry for the hiatus life has been nuts lately but HaleOhioBeer and MattOhioBeer with an episode fresh out the kitchen!

We touch on the Stone to Columbus movement, recent beer-cations and as always Ohio Beer news.


Here are some pics from HaleOhioBeer’s Cali trip:

This is Billco’s Billiard & Darts easily the best craft spot in Napa.


The Lost Abby Angel Share at Billcos

IMG_1535 IMG_1540

Episode 9 Post Real Ale Fest

So we were on the ball last episode coming at ya a week early but alas were a week behind this round. As they say good things come to those that wait and not only do we have a full recap of Barleys Real Ale Fest but it is also the podcast debut of two (non) Ohio Beer contributors, Sam and Chris! If you have any questions or comments feel free to email at haleohiobeer@gmail.com or at @haleohiobeer on twitter. Enjoy.IMG_9745

Episode 8 – We’re Actually Early!

Here ya go boys and girls, hot off the press (Bubs Apartment) is Episode 8. All 3 of us had some free time today (Saturday) so we decided to get together and do a little KBS 2010-2014 vertical and podcast. Lots of Ohio beer news hope you enjoy the show! As always you can email me at HaleOhioBeer@gmail.com with any comments or questions.



Upcoming Ohio Beer Labels:


Episode 7 w/ Guest Co-Host Hoof Hearted

Well look at that we actually have a new podcast for thats right on schedule! We were super pumped to record this week not only because we had a mini CCB bottle share but we also had a guest Co-Host, master of the dark and dank Trevor Williams of Hoof Hearted Brewing. We touch on a multitude of subject from Ohio Beer news to my adventure to DLD, we squeezed our normal episode in to 30 mins so we could spend the 2nd half talking to Trevor about his brewery (we also pull a Drink/Cellar/Spill on him). Hope you enjoy this episode as always here is a picture of the beers we consumed during recording and some links talked about on the show. As always feel free to contact me at HaleOhioBeer@gmail.com or @HaleOhioBeer.

Beer Consumed this Episode:
IMG_0922.JPGNew Pigskin Spot:
Upland Sour Fest
Craft Draft Brew Fest

Episode Six…. Unscripted.

Well unscripted may sound cool but I’m not going to lie to you the first few minutes of this episode are rough but we get in to our normal flow and pull together a solid podcast. This time around we discuss:

  • Us stumble through the first 5 minutes
  • Where to find (if you’re lucky) KBS….and possibly Black Note
  • Some new seasonal Ohio beer releases
  • Upcoming Beerfest and Events (Like Craft Beer And a Movie)
  • Hear not 1 but 2 live beergasms
  • Our latest semi-beercation’s
  • A blind taste test for the battle of Cincy IPA

Here’s a pic of the beers consumed during the podcast (we didn’t talk about Clown Shoes  Ohio Unidragon but if you can get your hands on some do so!) and the links of some of the things we talked about. As always if you have any questions or comments hit me up at HaleOhioBeer@gmail.com or on twitter at @HaleOhioBeer.




Episode 5

Hey boys and girls here is the 5th installment of Ohio Beer the Podcast. Its coming at ya a week late so we apologize but you know what they say “better late than never”! Before we get into the podcast details there is one thing we forgot to mention on this episode so listen up I need all you craft beer lovers to head over to ohiocraftbeer.com <—- Click This Link. This website will find you local representative and write an email for you to send them stating that you want them to support the bump to %21 abv cap! What are you waiting for???

Now as far as the podcast goes we touch on new brewery’s coming to/opening in Ohio, new Ohio beer releases and also brewery expansions. Find out what our most embarrassing craft beer moments were, upcoming event, our top 5 Columbus beer, HaleOhioBeer’s Beercation to Finger Lakes NY and which version of Urban Cowboys we like better.

Things we drank durning the podcast:


Here are the cans we spoke of:

IMG_8729 IMG_0667 IMG_0666As always you can hit me up with and questions or comments at haleohiobeer@gmail.com or on twitter @haleohiobeer

Episode 4

We know you could barely wait to get your hands on it, so here it is episode 4! This episode we are joined by one of other Ohio-Beer.com contributor @MattOhioBeer . We all made it to the Jackie O’s bottle release so we discuss that plus a full slate of beer news from all around Ohio. We also have all of your favorite segments : D/C/S, Top 5 and Best Beer in Your Mouth Lately. As always feel free to hit me up with question/comment at haleohiobeer@gmail.com. Below are the links to everything we talked about on the show. Also trying something new this week, here is a picture of beers consumed while we recorded and a picture of Matt and Bub trying Miller Fortune.

photo 3

photo 1MattOhioBeer and The Podcast mascot

photo 2BubOhioBeer wetting his whistle with Miller Fortune which he gave a negative 5 rating.

PigSkin Brewing not Happening
Winter Warmer Fest
IPA Bracket 2014
IIPA Bracket 2014

Episode 3

Presenting the 3rd installment of Ohio Beer The Podcast. As always we touch on beer news around Ohio and touch on our road trip to Upland Brewing. Also the top 5 bottle shops in Columbus according to us! Hope you enjoy it and as always if you have any questions/comments/suggestions you leave them in the comment section below or hit me up at haleohiobeer@gmail.com or on twitter @haleohiobeer. Here are the links we were talking about on this episode.

Flat 12 Bierworks
Upland Brewing
Kahns Fine Wines & Spirits
Crown Liquors

Ohio Beer the Podcast Episode 2

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 5.40.54 PM


So I know we said every other week for the podcast but we were giddy this week after Hullabaloo and some other exciting news concerning the Ohio beer scene. Also we pick the winner of the bottle we promised last week! As always please feel free to send comments and/or suggestions to our email accounts at HaleOhioBeer@gmail.com, BubOhioBeer@gmail.com or hit us up on twitter @HaleOhioBeer or @BubOhioBeer.


I promised some links on this episode so here ya go:

Jackie Os Bottle Release

Cleveland Winter Warmer Fest

Cleveland Beer Bus

RateBeer Best

Beer Drones

BA Miller Lite


The First (of Many) Ohio Beer Podcast.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 5.40.54 PMSo we decided to do something new here at Ohio-Beer, instead of just posts about beer/event reviews and the occasional beer news we have to decided to bring you a podcast.  While we may do the occasional beer review on the show the plan is to focus on the happenings around Ohio in the craft scene. We’ll talk about upcoming events (and review them if we go), new breweries coming to Ohio, New releases from Ohio Breweries (and if we go to the brewery we’ll give you our thoughts on it). There will also be some segments centering on the best beers we’ve had lately , a drink game called “Drink, Cellar, Spill” (which we borrowed from our friends United We Drink a podcast you should check out if you haven’t). We’re going to try and get a new episode out at least every other week  (we have multiple contributors to the blog this shouldn’t be a problem) and plan on each episode to last about an hour.

Hopefully you all will enjoy this but as a bribe to at least get you to listen I will be giving away a bottle of an Ohio brewery only release beer. You’ll have to tune in for the detail and the winner will be announced on the second episode.

If you have any comments or question feel free to hit me up at haleohiobeer@gmail.com, on twitter or leave a comment below.